Sunday, December 8, 2013

Skinny Jeans.

Hey there lovelies :)
I have recently received a comment from a really rad but anonymous commenter that would like to know where they could purchase colored skinny jeans as mentioned in this post right here. Places I like to buy COLORED jeans from range from Target and Charlotte Russe to the occasional pair of Michael Kors' if I'm visiting their outlet store in Williamsburg (I once found a pair of MK jeans for $20!!!) Another place to check is Old Navy, their rockstar jeans not only fit like a freaking glove, but they're always on discount ;)


Sunday, July 21, 2013


Hey beauts! See this lovely pink lip color? Well this is called Candy Yum Yum, or I like to call it "the greatest lipstick color EVER", the name that I used to call MAC's Ruby Woo. I am obsessed with this color! It looks good on every complexion and for darker skin, it goes awesome with a plum colored liner (I like to use Vino). For lighter skin, you could either do Vino, but you could also just to a true pink liner as well :) This lipstick retails at $14, but I got it for free 99! Wanna know how? I participated in the Back 2 M·A·C Recycling program. Trade in six empty (or depotted like I do) MAC products and you can redeem a free lipstick, an eyeshadow or a lipgloss (excluding VIVA Glam products).

Well that's all I've got to say!

Goodbye :)

Current Obsession: 90s/Early 2000s Revival

If the Poetic Justice braids, backwards snapback, and bamboo hoops weren't enough of a clue, I am currently obsessed with this whole late 90s/early 2000s throwback going on.This is what I wore when I went to Bruno Mars' concert in DC on 6/22/13 (hence the tee). The earrings are from claire's/icing, the hat is from urban outfitters, the tee is from hot topic (no longer available, sorry!), the vest is from Macys, and the lipstick is Candy Yum Yum by MAC (I got it for free due to the MAC recycle program, check it out!)

As a product of the 90s, all of these fashions like the transparent raincoats, snapbacks, bright colors, funky lipsticks, and pop princess inspired clothes are so nostalgic and remind me of my childhood watching endless Nickelodeon, non stop Lizzie McGuire, countless amounts of Clueless and listening to (and still do listen to) Christina Aguilera, Backstreet, NSync, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Mandy Moore, Robyn, 5ive, Savage Garden and so many more cavity enducing bubblegum pop acts! Just being able to remember when these looks were hip and new is such an awesome feeling! & seeing them come back is even better!

Shoutout to Niki Takesh for wearing her childhood! Check out her site right here! & while you're checking her out, you should totally peep my tumblr located right hurrrrrr :)

Stop being so shy loves! Talk to me! :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love it or leave it?: Overalls

Hey there lovelies,
I was recently on the interwebs (particularly tumblr, which you should check out and follow RIGHT CHEA), and I've noticed one common theme....OVERALLS! *dramatic horrror music and scream* Yea, remember those things we wore back in Pre School and then went through a period of pure hatred towards during that awkward "I'm not a little kid" phase during the 5th grade? Yep, they're hip now and in my opinion....THEY ARE SO TOTALLY ADORABLE. I will be rocking this comfortably chic piece all summer in both a chic and casual way! Some days I might go straight up '94 and rock a band tee and some docs, while on another day I'd gladly wear heels and a bandeau underneath. I'm gonna DIY a pair and post the hopefully delightful results on here for all of my babies to see!

NOW GIVE ME THE VERDICT...Do we despise, like or love?

tell me in the comments.
Much love,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fashion Icon- Ariana Grande

Okay, unless you've been under a rock or simply don't watch Nickelodeon anymore, you've probably never heard of Ariana Grande. Ariana stars on this show called VicTORIous which I have never watched, but I have heard of the sweet little lady that this blogpost is dedicated to via youtube. There's actually an entire tumblr page dedicated to her style right right hurr , y'all should check it out ;)

ANYWHOO, here's the skinny on Ari's style.
Ariana's style is very cute-sy and girly & from my observations, these are a few pieces I think would go perfectly with her ice cream parlor-esque style.

Bralette Tops - Mkay, so I know y'all are probably thinking that this top is a bit flimsy, but trust me, if you're a bit self conscious about flaunting all ya body, just pair this top with a thigh length cardigan, a blazer, a denim vest or a denim jacket. On the bottom, high waisted pants (Colorful harem pants would be gorgeous), high waisted flowy skirt, or high waisted vintage shorts (think Kelly Capowski, ayeee). If you dont mind flashing a bit of tummy, a pair of aztec leggings (I saw a pair in VS PINK yesterday!), some flattering jeans (trust me, the wrong fit in jeans can give even the skinniest girl a mondo muffin top) or a pretty skirt.

Girly Top- Ariana is such a cutie pie. She is always wearing cute little girly outfits with pretty tops. Go for tops with a bib-like collar and sweet floral prints and pastel colors. I found the most adorable sleeveless tops with bib-collars covered in pearl-like beads at Marshall's. I got one in Cobalt blue, its amazing adorbz.

Flowy Skirts- There isnt much to say about this one, but bright colored skirts matched up with a cute tucked in top is so Ariana, me gusta!

Minnie Mouse Bows- BTW I just came up with that name, I think these bows are so sweet and presh and will make any person look like a cupcake!

Neon Skinny Jeans- Skinny legs, and bright colors! Let's rock it!
Pumps- We love the girls with the pumps and a bump (mc hammer reference, lol).
Cute Phone Case- just a fun bonus :3
OKAY OKAY IM DONE NOW! So does that kind of sum up Ari's look? Comment below and let me know how I'm doing :) Here's the cutest cover Ariana has done :3 its a cover of that Biebz song "Die In Your Arms".

Thursday, January 17, 2013

How bout you do it yourself?: punk jacket

Okay guys, before I give my itty bitty tutorial, I would like to apologize and extend the olive branch to y'all for my excessive tardiness. Sorry bout datt >_<

Okay, I am going to say this once, and once only. THESE CAMO JACKETS ARE EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND & YOU MIGHT HAVE TO INVEST SOME MONEY INTO IT. I ended up buying mine from Urban Outfitters, but I recently saw one at Pac Sun (my goodwill sucks so I couldnt find one :c) and since I'm a freaking boss, I put a bunch of punk patches on it. I got them from this awesome and CHEAP online store called Interpunk, GO CHECK EM OUT! I believe they're based out of Richmond, Va which is awesome because I live in Virginia! I only got 4 patches (Sublime, Nirvana, an American Flag and AntiFlag) but I'm deffo getting more! All I did to attatch my patched was to stitch on the the cloth ones (American Flag & AntiFlag) and I hotglued the iron ons because I can never properly get those things attatched! Be Tee Dubz, when I stitched the patches, I did it sloppy because 1) it looked edgy and 2) I suck at sewing :)

YOU CAN ADD GEMS, STUDS, SPIKES, PATCHES WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES! I'm just givin ideas here baby squirrel <3

this is what I was listening to while blogging ->
"Blood For Poppies" by Garbage, shoutout to Shirley Manson for rockin' this hard for amost 32 years!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

thinking of making a youtube page ...

hey there my fly people!
lately i have been contemplating whether or not i should make a youtube for my tutorials & $ky-like antics and ive decided that "yes i shall begin making videos!" so be on the lookout!  
i havent made any decisions as to what my username will be or what my cute little gimmicks and catchphrases will be, but feel free to give me ideas :D kbye


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fashion Tutorial- How to do the purrrfect cat eye.

Okay, before I start this fashion tutorial, I wanna give a special meow to those of you that read and like my stupid little blog :3 snaps and catnip! But before I go straight up catlady on y'all, let me get to the tutorial. Have you ever wanted to know how to do a cat eye that would make Frida Kahlo do a double take of that masterpiece? Well you're in luck since anybody that knows me knows that I wear one on a daily basis!

1) An angled "liner brush". I honestly use a skinny, non angled brush, but its whatever floats your boat!
option 1
Option Dos!
& Option 3/MY personal favorite
Bee Tee Dubz, you can purchase all of these brushes at target & if you're resourceful enough, a skinny paintbrush from your local craftstore will definitely work! (fun fact, for the longest time, I used extra paint brushes to do my makeup before I caved in and bought makeup brushes).
2) GEL Liner (I personally like to use Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Gel Liner in 'Black Ink', which costs about $22, but it will last you a lifetime, I promise! There's also Maybelline's Gel Liner which costs about $8, which I also like!)
-You COULD use a pencil & rub it on your angled/straight brush, but I think that's pretty stupid due to the additional steps and doesn't look as precise as the gel liner.
3) ALSO, liquid &felt tip liners will work as well, but I personally think the gel has a better finish.

Okay so this is what you're going to do!
1) take your brush, dip it in your gel (I personally suggest swirling it in the gel as if your were dipping an ice cream cone in sprinkles)
2) starting from the CORNER of your eye, line your eye as you normally would, except you should make your line thicker when you get past the center of your eye as if you were drawing a ramp/ triangular shape (does that make sense)
3) Now that you have that line, place your brush (possibly refreshing the gel) at the highest point your want your wing to reach (lets make that point HIGH! The bigger the wing the closer to God right?) & move downwards to the normal line. You'll probably have to move at an angle.
4) fill in any spots you might have missed
5) Add mascara and youre DONE!

Now pat yourself on the back while you look at how awesome your makeup is! If it was an epic fail (which I doubt), just wipe off all of your flaws using Neutrogena (or whatever your brand is, I just swear by this particular brand) makeup wipes and correct them :)

now I'm leaving you with my current favorite song, "Treasure" by that perfect Bruno Mars (btw, i'm a big time fan of his and will be buying his cd on Tuesday!)

Love, Peace & all things fabulous!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pimp my calculator!

Hai my fabulously frugal fashionistas! I'm sorry that I've been MIA for like ever! I'm going to try my best to keep up with the blog because I just joined the cast of my high school's production of LEGALLY MUSICAL (thats legally blonde if ya didnt know!). I will be playing Brooke Wyndham ;) so I wont have a lot of time. but here's a quick tutorial I thought you all might like.

OK so as you all may or may not know, I'm currently taking ap calculus -__________-. And when you take AP Calculus you are required to have an over-priced Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator (TI 83 Plus REPRESENT, it was cheaper than the TI 84, ayeee). And as boring as AP Calc may be, I found a way to make life easier :) BEDAZZLE YOUR CALCULATOR COVER

OK so this is what you're going to need.
Bucket O' Bling ( this is what I'm referring to..
A hot glue gun
Your graphing calculator (or a standard scientific calculator)

Okay, so here's a picture of what I sort of mean..
but completely covered :D
-Take the cover of your calculator and sit it on a shopping bag/towel to protect your work area
-while your glue gun is heating up, lay out your gems in the pattern you want and take a picture of it using your camera phone.
-glue the gems on & clean up your calculator for excess hot glue :)
"Welcome Back" by Ma$e (money ma$e, minister ma$e, murder ma$e, whatever it is now haha)

Love, Peace, and Greased Down Cookie Sheets!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Minnetonka Boots.

Guess who's back, back again, SKY is back, tell your friends!

HELLO MY LOVELIES! Sorry for my longterm hiatus, but I'm back and ten times harder! I bet you're wondering what cute tutorials I have waiting for you, but today is going to be a review of my latest purchase. Y'all are going to be upset about my latest purchase, but I honestly think it was worth it.

see these GORGEOUS babies? Well these are the Minnetonka Fringe Boots <3. I think they are going to be my ultimate winter/summer/spring/fall accessory! I bought them in August, and I cannot stop wearing them! They're stylish, comfortable and can adjust to any temperature. They keep me nice and warm in the cold, and don't make me feel like a bear is chillin by my feet on a warmer day. There are only two cons with these boots : 1) the price (which really isnt that bad, but since its not a luxury material like leather $89+ seems a bit extreme) and 2) the sizing. Okay I normally wear a size 7, but I had to go up to an 8 in order to properly fit these shoes, so if you get them be weary of this.
"Unaware" by Allen Stone, I picked it because its kinda neo-soul, plus its my current tuneage


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick Update

Ok chicks and dudes, lately I've been SUPER DUPER busy with school, calculus is a PAIN. Oh my gosh... so please expect a post tomorrow afternoon :)

Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz :) I thought of it because I said "chicks and dudes" shoutout to Del That Funkee Homosapien because he says it in his verse.


Friday, September 7, 2012


Hey everybody! :) So remember those spikes I told you about? Yeah well I made some shorts with them!

-Your Camera Phone
-OPTIONAL tailor's chalk &Screw driver

this is what you do:
ok, so first you're gonna just lay your spikes on your shorts in the pattern that you're gonna screw them in. After you do that, take a picture of it! Then using your scissors, poke TINY holes in the right spot using the picture as a reference point so that you can now screw those spikes in (make the screws extra tight using a screwdriver). When you're done, go flaunt your hot new shorts!

PS- instead of taking a picture, you can mark off the spots where your spots are gonna go using the tailor's chalk.
"TubThumping" by Chumbawamba. This piece makes me feel like such a punk rock anarchist, and I LOVE it :-)

Ok you're all punk rock and cute!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just a quick little update

Ok guys & gals, I'm currently working on new ideas so be patient! I just got some spikes in the mail yesterday and I'm busy trying to find inventive new ways to use them! ($9.99 for a pack of 100 gold spikes). I really want this blog to be perfect for both you and I so I have to work with my new hardware for a little :-) I can't tell you exactly what I'm working on QUITE YET, but when I do, your socks will be completely rocked off.
"Glam" by Christina Aguilera



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's tee shirt time!!!!!

Hai guys :-) please excuse the tragic Jersey Shore reference, but this post is about tee shirt cutting!

Ok, so here are my absolute FAVORITE tee shirt cutting tutorials on youtube. - the quality sucks, but its a great idea!

There really isnt much for me to say, but those are some AWESOME tutorials, shout out to Kandee Johnson and Kat Von D !

Feel free to ask me any questions!

love peave & you're a hottie
-$ky "nothin but a teeshirt on, i never felt so beautiful" favorite line from "With You" by Jessica Simpson

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Intimate Moments: Football game fashion

Okay girls, I know that school is back in session, which means it's football season!! Ok, I just wanted to sit down right quick and discuss the do's and dont of what you shall and shant wear to a game.
Okay, it is okay to wear denim shorts, jeans, yoga pants, heck even skirts and dresses are cool, just nothing too fancy.
Fringed tee shirts are AMAZING. I even have a blogpost on how to make one right here
sneakers, sandals (might get kinda itchy on the grass tho), pretty much anything FLAT.
-HEELS. ermegerd, I cannot express how much I hate when girls wear heels in inappropriate settings.
-fancy clothes - ok you're here to watch football and socialize, not go to the opera.
-white- football games are so gross, its just asking for a bottle of resolve
-expensive jewelry- yeah, thats exactly how you get that junk stolen
So here's the skinny:
while I AM pro-doowutchalike, I'm also anti-wear-stuff-in-the-wrong-setting so dont think I'm contradicting my POV here, just being sensible.
love peace & do your homework!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fashion Icon: the conscious rapper of the 90s

Ookay, y'all may or may not know this, but I LOVE conscious rap (Asher Roth, Lupe Fiasco, De La Soul, Q Tip, Pharcyde, Arrested Development, Common, Nas, etc). Dont get me wrong, I like a good dose of Eminem in my life, but these types of rappers just do something for me. I'm not just in love with their conscious lyrics, but their crazy fashion! Its a mix of blipster, skater, afrocentric and hippie all in one big ball! It was a very zany sort of look! Google some of those artists and you'll see.. googled yet? Haha crazy right? I'm gonna tell you how to get that style (in a girly way of course)

Tanks, Tunics, Varsity Jackets, Oversized or fitted Tees, Surplus jackets, crop tops, whatever!

Skinny Jeans, and leggings. You could probably get away with shorts (with tights in the winter) if you'd like!

SHOES, errmegerd.
High Top Chucks, Vans, Wedges, Flip Flops

Chunky Dookie Chains, Africa Medallions, Wooden Beads, Bamboo Earrings, long feather earrings, multi finger rings. Keep your jewelry kind of "earthy" looking I guess, haha, but you can have SOME flashy stuff.

Doowutchalike, I cant tell you how to wear your make up

Same with hair, its your preference.

^^ "Runnin" by The Pharcyde is one of the best hiphop songs i've ever heard in my life. While its not as funny as "Ya Mama" and "Pack The Pipe", its a more jazzy, mature sounding track that makes you think (both the song and the video honestly haha)



ps- do you think I should start a blog where I talk strictly music? Like I'll continue to post on "Fashions On A Dime" but that blog as well. I really want to incorporate music on this page as well but this blog is about being cheap, not music!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is it worth buying? Summer's Eve Body Wash

okay okay you guys! so I've been so MIA it isnt even funny & I'm SO SORRY about that! Okay so before I do this quick review, how was everybody's first day? Mine was....eventful aha. But on with the review I go!

So this Summer's Eve body wash is like $5.42 I think, but its worth it! Okay so I dont trust a whole lot of scenty stuff near my know what! haha so i got this stuff and LOVE IT! It safe to use all over your body & I feel squeaky clean after using it! I use the one for sensitive skin (pink bottle) just to make sure that nothing get infected or burned because its to chemical-ish lol.

Song of the day is "So Fresh, So Clean" by OutKast! lol I'm so punny!

Love, Peace & Shower Gel,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sorry Guys!

Missed me? haha well I'm SO SORRY that I've been M.I.A. for a few days, but I was gone because I've had SO much to do! School starts on Tuesday and I've been doing last minute preperations for that day!  I will have a new post tomorrow I PROMISE! and it's gonna be EPIC <3

I'm not posting a tutorial or me giving tips tonight due to me being a dummy & doing last minute AP summer assignment homework -______- lol


Thursday, August 16, 2012

How About You DO IT YOURSELF : cutout skull tees

WOW, isnt this shirt amazeballs?? Well I'm gonna show you how to make it! This is what you're gonna need:
-tailor's chalk (or you could use a marker, but I'd suggest tailors chalk since it IS cheap.. you could probably even use regular chalk, but I've never tried using regular chalk so if you do, tell me how it worked out for you!)
-A flat surface
-A shirt you dont mind cutting up
-you dont really need it but here's a template if you WANT it. THE OTHER HALF
-whatever other doohickies you'd like to add :3

-either sketch out where you're going to cut, or use the template & trace
-cut out your holes
-I suggest stretching where you cut so you can hide any uneven spots
-wear the heck out of your shirt!

Okay that was a REALLY easy tutorial, I'm pretty sure I KNOW that you can do it :-)

please comment below & tell me how yours came out & tell me what you wanna read on my blog next!

Today's song is completely random & it's what I was listening to whilst blogging. <-- tearin up my heart by Nsync haha!


P.S.- TALK TO ME LOL!! I'M BORED! Plus I dont bite, so dont be afraid to talk to me on my blog, I'll definitely respond!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Wear It: Baggy Band Tees

Hiyah dolls!
So I found the CUTEST way to wear baggy tees! Its a more punk look, but I promise you will like it !

This is what I did:

Okai, so this is how it all went down. I rolled the sleeves a couple of times, then I tucked it in to a pair of short black shorts. Then I layered it with a bunch of necklaces I had laying around! Then around the shorts (like you'd normally wear a belt) I had a skinny, tan, braided belt! Then of course I put in some earrings (they were these huge rose studs I got from Aldo, it was like $10 for 3 pairs ^-^). As for shoes I just threw on a pair of toms (I really wanted black chucks or vans though) because those were the first pair I saw lol #LAZY! then I just put on my fringe cross body bag! Very punk and boho chic!

^^ my favorite MGK song "Chasing Pavements"

LOVE  YOU ALL, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! & I PROMISE to give y'all a tutorial tomorrow! How about those Skull teeshirts?