Friday, September 7, 2012


Hey everybody! :) So remember those spikes I told you about? Yeah well I made some shorts with them!

-Your Camera Phone
-OPTIONAL tailor's chalk &Screw driver

this is what you do:
ok, so first you're gonna just lay your spikes on your shorts in the pattern that you're gonna screw them in. After you do that, take a picture of it! Then using your scissors, poke TINY holes in the right spot using the picture as a reference point so that you can now screw those spikes in (make the screws extra tight using a screwdriver). When you're done, go flaunt your hot new shorts!

PS- instead of taking a picture, you can mark off the spots where your spots are gonna go using the tailor's chalk.
"TubThumping" by Chumbawamba. This piece makes me feel like such a punk rock anarchist, and I LOVE it :-)

Ok you're all punk rock and cute!

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