Monday, October 1, 2012

Minnetonka Boots.

Guess who's back, back again, SKY is back, tell your friends!

HELLO MY LOVELIES! Sorry for my longterm hiatus, but I'm back and ten times harder! I bet you're wondering what cute tutorials I have waiting for you, but today is going to be a review of my latest purchase. Y'all are going to be upset about my latest purchase, but I honestly think it was worth it.

see these GORGEOUS babies? Well these are the Minnetonka Fringe Boots <3. I think they are going to be my ultimate winter/summer/spring/fall accessory! I bought them in August, and I cannot stop wearing them! They're stylish, comfortable and can adjust to any temperature. They keep me nice and warm in the cold, and don't make me feel like a bear is chillin by my feet on a warmer day. There are only two cons with these boots : 1) the price (which really isnt that bad, but since its not a luxury material like leather $89+ seems a bit extreme) and 2) the sizing. Okay I normally wear a size 7, but I had to go up to an 8 in order to properly fit these shoes, so if you get them be weary of this.
"Unaware" by Allen Stone, I picked it because its kinda neo-soul, plus its my current tuneage


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