Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fashion Tutorial- How to do the purrrfect cat eye.

Okay, before I start this fashion tutorial, I wanna give a special meow to those of you that read and like my stupid little blog :3 snaps and catnip! But before I go straight up catlady on y'all, let me get to the tutorial. Have you ever wanted to know how to do a cat eye that would make Frida Kahlo do a double take of that masterpiece? Well you're in luck since anybody that knows me knows that I wear one on a daily basis!

1) An angled "liner brush". I honestly use a skinny, non angled brush, but its whatever floats your boat!
option 1
Option Dos!
& Option 3/MY personal favorite
Bee Tee Dubz, you can purchase all of these brushes at target & if you're resourceful enough, a skinny paintbrush from your local craftstore will definitely work! (fun fact, for the longest time, I used extra paint brushes to do my makeup before I caved in and bought makeup brushes).
2) GEL Liner (I personally like to use Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Gel Liner in 'Black Ink', which costs about $22, but it will last you a lifetime, I promise! There's also Maybelline's Gel Liner which costs about $8, which I also like!)
-You COULD use a pencil & rub it on your angled/straight brush, but I think that's pretty stupid due to the additional steps and doesn't look as precise as the gel liner.
3) ALSO, liquid &felt tip liners will work as well, but I personally think the gel has a better finish.

Okay so this is what you're going to do!
1) take your brush, dip it in your gel (I personally suggest swirling it in the gel as if your were dipping an ice cream cone in sprinkles)
2) starting from the CORNER of your eye, line your eye as you normally would, except you should make your line thicker when you get past the center of your eye as if you were drawing a ramp/ triangular shape (does that make sense)
3) Now that you have that line, place your brush (possibly refreshing the gel) at the highest point your want your wing to reach (lets make that point HIGH! The bigger the wing the closer to God right?) & move downwards to the normal line. You'll probably have to move at an angle.
4) fill in any spots you might have missed
5) Add mascara and youre DONE!

Now pat yourself on the back while you look at how awesome your makeup is! If it was an epic fail (which I doubt), just wipe off all of your flaws using Neutrogena (or whatever your brand is, I just swear by this particular brand) makeup wipes and correct them :)

now I'm leaving you with my current favorite song, "Treasure" by that perfect Bruno Mars (btw, i'm a big time fan of his and will be buying his cd on Tuesday!)

Love, Peace & all things fabulous!

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