Monday, July 2, 2012

Get The Look: Around the Way Girl

Before I begin my terrible puns and alliterations, I'd like to give a shoutout to for inspiring this post :-)

BACK TO THIS POST! Now I bet you beautiful souls are wondering what an around the way girl is. An around the way girl has been defined as "a girl with extentions in her hair, bamboo earrings at least two pairs" by the wonderful mister LL Cool J. I, however, slightly disagree with mister Cool J's definition. I'm definitely a sassy, stylish, girl next door that is known to rock some bamboo earrings, but I don't wear weave or have a nasty attitude.
(If you don't know, this is the cut I'm refering to )

BEFORE I COMPOSE MY DEFINITION, I'm gonna give you all a "shopping list".
-your freshest kicks (doesn't matter if theyre nike, jordan, vans, or zips, if you think theyre fresh, so do I lol)
-the skinniest skinny jeans you can find in your closet (leggings/yoga leggings work as well, wild prints are hot lol) & double brownie points if they're cuffed
-a loose tank, a fitted tee, a crop top, muscle shirt or whatever kind of blouse your little heart desires.
-A dookie chain (I got mine from Forever 21 so dont worry about price, it was cheap)
-bamboo earrings (of course)
-whatever other jewelry you LOVE (preferably gold)
-a bold cat eye, or a bold lip, or both if you're that much of a thug!!
-a trucker hat or snapback (or a fedora if you can pull it off!)

An around the way girl is: a young girl that isnt afraid to be herself & wears what makes HER happy. Whether that be her favorite kicks and a tee, or a pair of 20 inch stilettos & a dress, it doesn't really matter because she's confident. The only issue I have with LL's definition is that he describes her in a way in which she sounds kinda like a ghetto snob, boushie or just straight up siditty lol. But yeah, all ranting aside, I really LOVE this song and the underlying meaning; a confident girl next door with crazy cool fashion!
I saw Diggy Simmons in concert a few months ago (he came to my town) and I recently found this remix he did to this LL classic! (If that doesn't convince you, Kevin McCall is on here too! He was on 'Strip' by Chris Brown)


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