Monday, July 16, 2012

Get The Look: 90's Grunge (Summer Edition)

Hey there my cheap chic chicas! :-)
The word of the day is "grunge", can you say it with me? GRRRR-UNNNNN-GE. Good job!

Back in the early 90's, a new style of music called 'grunge rock' emerged from the state of Washington! It was introduces by groups like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and of course Nirvana! In addition to this dope new style of music came an "I don't give a care" type of attitude and the style that I'm about to talk about :3

Now, how do I dress like that?
Well there really aren't any set "rules" for the grunge look, except for don't put too much effort into trying to accomplish the look, nobody likes a poser ;-)


First off, a nice wife beater would be a good choice, preferably a WHITE one, but if you don't have one, don't fret ;-)

I got a bunch of tanks from Papaya for $4.99, but if you don't mind wearing a spaghetti strapped camisole, they're only $2.99!!!

A basic tee shirt would be a good choice as well! Again, like the previous suggestion, I only suggest white, but you can wear whatever color you want, but you do get bonus points if you can find a really nice band tee!
Basic tee shirts at Target are only $8.00 !

DENIM VESTS! OMG, if you add one of these to your look, then you're just adding that crazy cool addition (a cutoff flannel would be pretty hot too, since its too warm out for one). They can get pretty pricey so I'd suggest that you make your own! I can do a blog post about it later if you'd like, but all you have to do is cut the sleeves off of a denim jacket! THAT EASY :-)


High waisted shorts ! Okay, the most common form of cutoff shorts are made by Levi's. I'm going to profess how cheap I am by saying this: although I think they're ADORABLE, there is no way in heck I'm buying a pair off of a whim. I'd have to save up for them in advance & dedicate a fund to it. So instead, I went to goodwill & found a pair of mom jeans (the brand was Lee) & they were really cheap so I just cut them into some nice cuffed shorts :-)

RIPPED JEANS. 'Nuff said ;-)
but seriously, in early grunge fashion, people would were ripped up jeans that weren't early 2000's hiphop baggy & not Lil' Wayne tight, but they were just right. A nice comfortable look, where you didnt have to worry about your pants falling off.

Most stores wanna charge crack prices (Dave Chappelle reference lol!) for ripped jeans when you could simply take a pair of jeans, dampen them, cut slits in the front, or run a razor over them to make them look worn (if you wanted to, you could just do both). Afer, you should pop em in the washing machine, dryer! This not only saves money, but its also SUPER FUN.

Shoes, ohmagad, SHOES!

Combat boots :-)
Doc Marten's are gorgeous & I was fortunate to receive some as a gift a while ago (THANKS MOM), but they really arent that reasonable :-( so instead you can go to Marshalls and find some! I got my short ones for about $20 at Marshalls, or if you're cool enough, go thrift a pair :-)

TAYLOR GANG. <--Ignore the Wiz Khalifa reference, lol. Yeah a nice pair of chucks would be the beez kneez! The low top ones cost about $20, they're pretty cheap!


Thanks to the queen of grunge Courtney Love, the whole babydoll dress with maryjane pumps, and combat boots thing was insanely COOL! I got a babydoll dress from Marshalls for about $25. its blue with a peter pan collar.


Please comment with any requests or whatever you like/dislike about my blog! I'd love to hear some feedback <3

Much Love & ROCK ON,

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