Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fashion Icon: Kreayshawn

If you haven't already guessed who this post is going to be about, I'll give you a hint: she's kreay-krey kute! Gave up? All right I'll tell you....its KREAYSHAWN!
Yes, this post is dedicated to none other than that kreay-zy girl that told us that gucci, louis, fendi, and prada were for basic chicks and she don't even bothaaa! (thank God for my amazing improvised censoring skills lol). I REALLY wanna tell you how inexpensive her look is & how adorbs she is :)


okay, let's break down her gawwww-gous makeup (and face)
-Kreayshawn(which btw is a unique way of spelling 'creation', see how crafty she is?) goes nowhere without her signature cat-eye! I would personally suggest that you use a liquid or gel liner, but a fine brush dipped in water and black eyeshadow will do the trick! She has been quoted as saying that she's used Wet N' Wild eyeliner since the beginning of time! You can find it at any drug store or even like a convenience store (is that what you call walmart and target? if so then yes!!) HOW TO DO A CATEYE.
-NO EYESHADOW. Point blank kiddos.
-She seems to wear a good full coverage foundation. I'm personally a fan of MAC, Bobbi Brown and Maybelline FIT ME, but we're just going to focus on the FIT ME product because its the perfect drug store alternative.
-Her lips are always cute, but if you're going for a "Gucci, Gucci" look (if you've been under a rock & not seen it, here it goes lol ) a nude lip or just some chapstick is ideal because her lips definitely are just matte, no shine. But for this picture, a red lipstick would be your best choice. MAC's Ruby Woo is the best red I've ever used, its about $14 (correct me if i'm wrong) & last FOREVER! I've had it since December and haven't run out yet! It's definitely a good investment, but it shouldnt be a priority! If you have a red you like, just use it baby squirrel!

now let's briefly talk about her threads!
-Kreay is definitely about self expression and wearing whatever you think is cute, so just doowutchalike (digital underground reference)!!
-I've seen her wearing button ups, graphic tees, denim vests, skinny jeans, shorty shorts, crop tops, leggins, everything under the sun! But one thing about kreay is that she doesn't sacrifice comfort for fashion, she is always wearing sneakers because heels KILL HER FEET.

-oh my baby back ribs, she has the coolest jewelry EVER! It ranges from bamboo earrings (check out my previous fresh prince post, it talks about it), multi finger rings, name plate necklaces, charm bracelets & whatever the heck her itty bitty heart desires.

Yes & let me briefly touch on her hair!
-its two toned, and flipped. Now isnt that how you spell $waggggg???

welp, I'm out of stuff to write, any suggestions, just comment and I can address it in a comment or new post ;)


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