Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How about you do it yourself: Lace Shorts

Hai guys!
So over the weekend I went to this mall in Myrtle Beach & saw the CUTEST SHORTS EVER in American Eagle. They were these denim shortie shorts with lace on the side! Sadly, they were a bit more than I was willing to pay at the moment (about $36.95, correct me if I have the price wrong). So I came up with the BEST IDEA EVER: MAKE MY OWN SHORTS. Now I'd like to share with you all on how to make your own :)

This is what you will need !
-Some denim shorts (or if you're extra cheap like me, just cut some old jeans!)
-lace (get it from any craft store, I really reccomend that you get it in a triangular shape!)
-fabric glue, OR hot glue (but I highly reccomend fabric glue)if you suck at sewing like I do, or you can sew it (if you got dem skillz!)
-scissors to clean up any messups
-OPTIONAL pins, just in case you wanna pin it to make sure its positioned correctly
-and of course, IMAGINATION

Let's get started!
-so first you're going to take your shorts/the jeans you cut (check out youtube if you need extra help) and lay them so the left and right side (where the seam is) ARE FLAT.
-then you're gonna cut a nice V-Shape in the side (dont go TOO deep, we don't want our entire thigh out now do we?)
-on that v-shape you just cut, you're gonna take your fabric glue, put it around the edges of the LACE and then press tightly onto the shorts so they can have bonding time ;-).
-then you can clean up whatever cray-cray edges you may have
-FINALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP, go flaunt your gorgeous new shorts :-)

BY THE WAY, you CAN wash these shorts because fabric glue is permanent. This is why it's better that hot glue. While it is permanent, it might not be as sturdy or it might start bleeding through the fabric if its a bit thin...YIKES.

Peace out girl scouts!

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