Thursday, August 2, 2012

How about you do it yourself?: Galaxy Pants

Hey guys! Ya see these GAWGEOUS jeans? Well, during my trip to Atlanta (to visit the fam), I went to Urban Outfitters with my aunt (for inspiration OF COURSE) & saw a pair for about $65! Since I'm extremely cheap, I was like "psssh, I can make these for $20!". Now I'm gonna tell you all how to do this lovely look!

This is what you're gonna need!
-BLACK jeans (or a REALLY dark wash, but I'm talking uber dark)
-Bleach and a Spray Bottle (buy one at Sallys for NOTHING, or just use that leftover body splash bottle you have sitting under the sink).
-Blue, Purple, White and whatever other colors you might like of fabric or acrylic paint. Both will work
-a sponge
-something to lay the jeans on while you're working
-a teeny tiny brush, a tooth brush, or a brush with bristles.

OKAY, now this is what you're gonna do:
1) Mix bleach and water, and spray it on random spots on the jeans, but try to spread them out. The bleach should turn a rusty orange color (it doesnt take a lot of time to show up, spray some more if you want it deeper)
2) Around the bleach spots, take your sponge and spot the purple and blue acrylic paints around them in like cresent shapes (does that make sense? if not, *in my best Snooki voice* IM SORRY)
3) dip your brush of choice in that white paint and make little spots as stars. (you could run your finger over the bristled brush to "flick" the color on the jeans, or if you're more patient than I am, make the dots with a tapered brush)
4) LET THIS SIDE DRY, then do it on the backside.

BONUS STUFF: if you'd like to, add chains, studs, slits, cuffs, whatever you're heart desires!

& here's a special song for my dorky divas :)

MUCH LOVE, You're beautiful, cats go meow, whatever else you'd like me to say,

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