Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love it or leave it?: Overalls

Hey there lovelies,
I was recently on the interwebs (particularly tumblr, which you should check out and follow RIGHT CHEA), and I've noticed one common theme....OVERALLS! *dramatic horrror music and scream* Yea, remember those things we wore back in Pre School and then went through a period of pure hatred towards during that awkward "I'm not a little kid" phase during the 5th grade? Yep, they're hip now and in my opinion....THEY ARE SO TOTALLY ADORABLE. I will be rocking this comfortably chic piece all summer in both a chic and casual way! Some days I might go straight up '94 and rock a band tee and some docs, while on another day I'd gladly wear heels and a bandeau underneath. I'm gonna DIY a pair and post the hopefully delightful results on here for all of my babies to see!

NOW GIVE ME THE VERDICT...Do we despise, like or love?

tell me in the comments.
Much love,

1 comment:

  1. Hi there I DIY'd my pair from long to short and I just love them I am like you wear them all summer. I pair them with everything :)