Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fashion Icon: the conscious rapper of the 90s

Ookay, y'all may or may not know this, but I LOVE conscious rap (Asher Roth, Lupe Fiasco, De La Soul, Q Tip, Pharcyde, Arrested Development, Common, Nas, etc). Dont get me wrong, I like a good dose of Eminem in my life, but these types of rappers just do something for me. I'm not just in love with their conscious lyrics, but their crazy fashion! Its a mix of blipster, skater, afrocentric and hippie all in one big ball! It was a very zany sort of look! Google some of those artists and you'll see.. googled yet? Haha crazy right? I'm gonna tell you how to get that style (in a girly way of course)

Tanks, Tunics, Varsity Jackets, Oversized or fitted Tees, Surplus jackets, crop tops, whatever!

Skinny Jeans, and leggings. You could probably get away with shorts (with tights in the winter) if you'd like!

SHOES, errmegerd.
High Top Chucks, Vans, Wedges, Flip Flops

Chunky Dookie Chains, Africa Medallions, Wooden Beads, Bamboo Earrings, long feather earrings, multi finger rings. Keep your jewelry kind of "earthy" looking I guess, haha, but you can have SOME flashy stuff.

Doowutchalike, I cant tell you how to wear your make up

Same with hair, its your preference.

^^ "Runnin" by The Pharcyde is one of the best hiphop songs i've ever heard in my life. While its not as funny as "Ya Mama" and "Pack The Pipe", its a more jazzy, mature sounding track that makes you think (both the song and the video honestly haha)



ps- do you think I should start a blog where I talk strictly music? Like I'll continue to post on "Fashions On A Dime" but that blog as well. I really want to incorporate music on this page as well but this blog is about being cheap, not music!

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