Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get The Look: Geek Chic

Salutations my dorky divas ;-) today's blog post is sponsered by the letter G, as in Geek Chic!

Okay,okay, I bet you're wondering "why the shnuff is this girl telling me how to be a geek?" Well, since I am nerdy & I do love fashion, I am an expert & I'm showing you how to be a cute nerd :-P

1) Wear your hair however you'd like to. IDC if you have braids, an afro, a gumby fade, it don't maaaake any difference to meeeee! (shoutout to Kevin Michael & Wyclef)
2)Buddy Holly glasses! Or your regular glasses if you wear them ;-). My prescription glasses are Buddy Holly so its a double brownie points situation! BTW you can get fake ones from Claires, Icing, Hot Topic, or your local mall's sunglass kiosk.
3)COSBY SWEATERS!!! Oversized sweater that look like the 80's puked on it are PERFECT! The original Cosby sweaters are Coogi, but that doesnt mean yours has to be! Thrift shop, or if you're as awesome as I am, buy a men's sweater!
4) Video Game inspired tees, or tees with dorky references are TOO TRILL.
5) Leggings & Skinny Jeans - They look amazeballs with those oversized sweaters & tees.
6) Converse, Vans & Moccasins oh my! - High top chucks with leggings & skinnies <3 Vans and skinnies <3 & when it comes to my shoe game, I'm a total hippie, so anything like moccasins is my favorite thing in the world! They feel like slippers & make me look like I buy rice pudding in bulk (which I do).
7) add whatever makeup, accessories, etc, just DOOWUTCHALIKE!

Here's a song from the hottest nerd ever, Pharrell Williams :-) he's from Virginia just like me & he's weird <3

I'd love to talk more, but I gotta go now!,

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