Thursday, August 23, 2012

Intimate Moments: Football game fashion

Okay girls, I know that school is back in session, which means it's football season!! Ok, I just wanted to sit down right quick and discuss the do's and dont of what you shall and shant wear to a game.
Okay, it is okay to wear denim shorts, jeans, yoga pants, heck even skirts and dresses are cool, just nothing too fancy.
Fringed tee shirts are AMAZING. I even have a blogpost on how to make one right here
sneakers, sandals (might get kinda itchy on the grass tho), pretty much anything FLAT.
-HEELS. ermegerd, I cannot express how much I hate when girls wear heels in inappropriate settings.
-fancy clothes - ok you're here to watch football and socialize, not go to the opera.
-white- football games are so gross, its just asking for a bottle of resolve
-expensive jewelry- yeah, thats exactly how you get that junk stolen
So here's the skinny:
while I AM pro-doowutchalike, I'm also anti-wear-stuff-in-the-wrong-setting so dont think I'm contradicting my POV here, just being sensible.
love peace & do your homework!

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