Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Intimate Moments: Back to School

(smile courtesy of Myrtle Beach)
HELLO THERE MY BEAUTIFUL FASHIONISTAS! I'm here to talk to you about a very serious issue: back to school shopping. I know going back to school sucks something serious, but you at least wanna look stunning to a) give your teacher a good impression & b) looking nice = feeling nice, soo let's get crackin'!

First off, DON'T BUY TOO MUCH!
By this I mean, please just buy pieces to start off with, because if you get to school & see that all of those new clothes that you just bought aren't in style, you're gonna get all butthurt and not wear them, having all of these teriffic threads go to waste. If you're like me & don't give a single "put-your-favorite-phrase-here" about what everybody around you is wearing then you can skip this step ;-)

Please try to stay in between your school's dresscode guidelines.
Look, I know that tube top and those denim cutoffs are adorable (sorry, adorbz, lemme stay hip here!) but they're also a one way ticket to Principal Whatchamacallit's office. I've had it happen to me numerous times & I know how much that sucks (I had to wear my hoodie around my waist once, EW). I'm not saying to buy legitimate granny clothes with the little kitty cat embroided, but invest in some sort of cardigan/jean jacket, tights (fishnets are so CUTE) & camisoles. Or you could just buy cute clothes that don't look like something you'd wear on friday night.

Please stop buying heels!
OMG, you don't know how many grown behind girls I've seen stomping around in heels. It looks ugly and that noise drives me BONKERS!! Buy some comfortable shoes that will get you from class to class. This is my third year of high school so at this point, I'm not worried about looking mature, but you dont need high heels to do that! Heck, I've gotten through just fine wearing vans, sandals & Ugg boots.

Don't be afraid to take some fashion risks!
Every year, I LOVE taking some sort of fashion risk! It shows that I'm not afraid to be me & that I honestly don't care what others think about my clothes. Look, I'm not saying you should dress like a scene kid, but try something you would never do. Buy a crazy piece of jewelry (for me, it was HUGE spikes, now I'm addicted), colored jeans, neon shoes, or even better, something you made yourself!

Shop with friends!
If you're one of those people that thrive off of the acception of your peers, this might help boost your confidence! A good friend would say "umm yeah, I hope you don't like that", but a bad friend would be a yes man! If you don't care about that kind of stuff, just bring a friend along so you wont be lonely. If you have a self conscious friend, PLEASE GO WITH THEM! You can be that one person that gives them tough love about that rainbow colored poncho & you can give them suggestions!

When your shopping (even with your friends), make sure that YOU love your clothes. I don't care if every girl is wearing neon orange space boots, if you think they're hideous, DONT BUY THEM JUST BECAUSE THEYRE POPULAR!

Most importantly, PLEASE FOCUS ON SCHOOL.
I know looking totally delicious is the best thing ever, but when you graduate, your dream college isn't going to care about how hot you looked throughout high school, they're gonna be looking at your grades & exrtacurricular activities!

Here's your song of the day , "I Can" by Nas ;)


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