Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Wear It: Baggy Band Tees

Hiyah dolls!
So I found the CUTEST way to wear baggy tees! Its a more punk look, but I promise you will like it !

This is what I did:

Okai, so this is how it all went down. I rolled the sleeves a couple of times, then I tucked it in to a pair of short black shorts. Then I layered it with a bunch of necklaces I had laying around! Then around the shorts (like you'd normally wear a belt) I had a skinny, tan, braided belt! Then of course I put in some earrings (they were these huge rose studs I got from Aldo, it was like $10 for 3 pairs ^-^). As for shoes I just threw on a pair of toms (I really wanted black chucks or vans though) because those were the first pair I saw lol #LAZY! then I just put on my fringe cross body bag! Very punk and boho chic!

^^ my favorite MGK song "Chasing Pavements"

LOVE  YOU ALL, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! & I PROMISE to give y'all a tutorial tomorrow! How about those Skull teeshirts?


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