Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is It Worth Buying?: Maybelline Baby Lips

Hey there dollies! This blog post is going to be super short, but full of important information!
Okay, so the other day I was in target & saw this lip balm called "Baby Lips". I had seen the commercial once & thought to myself "hey, its only $2.97, why not try it?" Boy am I glad I did that!!! I frickin EL OH VEE EE this stuff! It feels so good, softens the lips & it smells like fruity pebbles! I have the one in the blue tube because it doesnt have any color, but I am not opposed to trying those! I'm saying get this stuff because if you wear lipstick, odds are that your lips are uber dry! When I wear lipstick I like to wear a bit of lip conditioner or lip moisturizer underneath it, especially since I wear matte colors. Even if you dont wear lipstick, GET IT! Y'all know how cheap I am & if I'm saying buy this, you KNOW its gonna be a pretty dope product #swagswagwinningswag.

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  1. I love it too but the only con is u have to apply it very often. damn near every 15 minutes or so.

    1. I definitelt agree with you on that one!I honestly dont mind because it smells so good!